Thank you for visiting to check in on Ryan's progress towards recovery. Ryan has always been there for everyone he knows and right now we all hope we can live up to his example by being there for him and his family while he heals. He is strong and we all know that if anyone can come through this it is him.

While Ryan's injuries are serious and frightening, the best thing for us to do is all stay on the same page with accurate information but also all stay positive and look forward to the good news to come. The aim of this site is to reflect the incremental changes in his condition. Also, this should provide a space to express your love and concern for Ryan and his family.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Call for Cards

Ryan has been progressing well now that he has re-entered rehab. He's very alert this week and back to smiling and saying a few words. We’ve been told that his setback did not cause any further brain injuries; it has just slowed the rehabilitation process a little.

On a separate note, Ryan has received a few cards recently and seems to really enjoy opening them and looking at them. We would really like to continue showering him with cards! Below is his address at the hospital if you'd like to send him one. These can also be useful with his rehabilitation by triggering memories. To help his parents and therapists in explaining the cards to Ryan, it'd be great if you could include a picture of yourself and/or a description of how you know each other (i.e. college, work, etc.). Another idea would be to write about a great story or memory you and Ryan share together. Thanks and have a good weekend.

Ryan’s Address:

Attn: Ryan Porcelli, Room M622

Touro Hospital

1401 Foucher St.

New Orleans, LA 70115


  1. Hey Carey, I mailed a postcard to LSU med from Asia a couple weeks ago that should bw arriving shortly, do you think they'll forward it on to Touro since he's no longer there?

  2. I'm a friend of Meredith Winston's - will be sending out a card tomorrow. My thoughts and prayers are with Ryan and his family.

  3. I lived in Natalbany, Louisiana when Katrina hit. Although we did not get as much damage as NOLA did, amazing young men such as Ryan helping to rebuild NOLA were then and are still very much appreciated. I am so sorry for what has happened to him.
    I now live in Tickfaw, Louisiana which isn't to far from Natalbany {LOL}. I will bve sending out a card to Ryan tomorrow.

    My thoughts and Prayers are with Ryan and his family.

    Rachel Miller

  4. I just read about Ryan and would love to help in sending a card to him, is there anything special he likes, maybe I can make a themed card for him! =)
    Sincerely, Elenor (Sweden)

  5. Hey All - I just wanted to pop in here to let you know that I'm Meredith Winston - Ethan Goldstein's sister. Ethan and Ryan were roommates out in San Diego. Ethan speaks so highly of Ryan and has told me all about him and what a wonderful young man he is. I am heavily involved in the art community and have asked my darling fellow artist friends from all over the world to send Ryan love and healing blessings in the form of cards to brighten his day. I hope this helps and brings bright smiles to his days ahead. Thank you for putting this call out there as I am receiving beautiful responses for Ryan. Many hugs and blessings. I hope the cards keep coming!

    Meredith Winston